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“Do You Want to Create Quilling Cards That Look So Professional, It Looks As Though You Purchased It From a Store?”

With Quilling Magic Volume 1, there is no limit to the types of quilling cards that we'll show you how to make - irrespective of size, colour and complexity of the design..  We'll illustrate how to make cards of any design and any type!

Quilling Cards


       Find out the exact tools and materials required to make a professional quilling card.  Also what alternative tools & techniques you can use.

       Discover how the quality of the paper can impact on the finished product and why there are some materials you should never use!

       We'll teach you methods and techniques that even some quilling experts haven't heard of!  These techniques will save you essential time in the creation of your quilling cards

       We'll tell you the best places to get your materials for your quilling cards.  These are locations where you can obtain the highest quality materials and tools - at the best prices

       ..And that's just the beginning!




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