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Quilling Techniques


When quilling shapes, it is always an excellent idea to keep in mind some fundamental quilling techniques:

       Be careful when applying glue to your project. You want to use as little glue as possible to avoid the risk of having glue drops get into the detailed areas of your project.

       Do not use construction paper to make your own quilling strips. You'll save funds, but the paper is a lot more challenging to work with

       Beginners will have far better luck utilizing the center of the quilling tool to make their rolls. This makes the appearance of the final product easier to control.

       If your end product is supposed to be symmetrical, it's usually easiest to begin at the center and work your way outward.

       If you plan to make a lot of projects that involve quilled flowers, think about investing in a quilling designer board. This will make it less difficult to create flower petals that are precisely the same size.

       You'll also discover much, much more!



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